2007 Fender "Thin Skin" Jaguar, Sonic Blue, Staytrem Bridge

I saw this one on NYC craigslist at work one morning, advertised as a "USA Sonic Blue Jaguar" for $850. I had a hunch it was a Thin Skin and met the guy that afternoon to buy it, figuring I had a quick flip on my hands. 

It did turn out to be a Thin Skin, and holy hell, what a fantastic instrument it was. I have had a lot of offset instruments pass through my hands and this was no doubt one of the finest.

The Thin Skin guitars have tall frets, a modern 9.5" fretboard radius, some kind of nitrocellulose finish.

The only modification I made was the addition of a Staytrem bridge, which I absolutely loved (I am not a fan of the Mastery bridge).

Sadly, I did buy this one as a flip and I made a tidy sum in short order. But almost a year later, I'm still kicking myself for letting this one go.