1996 Guild JF65-12

Continuing the trend of not settling, I present to you this magnificent Guild JF65-12 from 1996:

I have lusted after a Guild 12-string for ages, and I am thrilled to finally have one in my clutches.

Sure, I could have picked up a much cheaper, more more plentiful variant of a Guild 12-string ages ago. You can find several Guild 12-strings for quite reasonable prices, plus Guilds are undervalued as it is. But several of the distinct features of the JF65-12 (and its twin, the F412 - same guitar, different name) beckoned to me, and I refused to settle this time. I waited, I found a deal (guy happened to be very local to me) and I pulled the trigger.

Why did it have to be this model specifically? Well, for instance, the gorgeous flame maple back and sides were a must. Some Guild acoustic models also have a neat "arched" back, rather than flat, and this guitar is no exception. I love the big deluxe pearl neck inlays set against a perfect Ebony fretboard - coupled with the gold tuners, this guitar has more bling then you can shake a stick at.

And boy, you gotta love the huge body. Wearing this thing makes my 6-foot frame look completely miniscule.

The sound? Strumming this thing is like hearing a Hammond organ - completely rich with overtones. Fingerpicking it makes it sound like you're being accompanied by a harpsichord player.

Yeah, I like it.

(Photos © John Biscuti, May 2015)