Unfinished Music 2009-2010: Dead Rock n' Roll

by The Jazz Funeral

These tracks have not been polished or touched up in any way (as you will clearly see).
All tracks recorded at Summit Studios, Staten Island, NY. All songs by J. Biscuti except where noted (Autumnal Songs/BMI).

"Rose Lane Blues" (2nd Version), "Prison Searchlight Moon", "The Open Sea",
Recorded December 17th 2009

"Sweet Jeanette" (1st Version)
Recorded April 2nd 2009

"Something Like Love" (D. Stagno / J. Biscuti)
Recorded May 17 2009

"I'll Be Your Lamb"
Recorded April 10th 2009

"Bubblegum Soup" (First Demo)
Recorded March 15th 2009

"Sweet Jeanette" (2nd Version)
Recorded August 6th 2009

Recorded October 17th 2009

"Please Don't Go To The Bronx"
Recorded June 3rd 2010

"Jack-Ass" (Beck Hansen, John King, Michael Simpson, Bob Dylan)
Recorded January 31st 2010

"In The Cold Month of June" (1st Version)
Recorded June 30th 2009

"Bag O' Bones"
Recorded February 15th 2010

Recorded October 12th 2009

"A Belly Full O' Gin" (Demo)
Recorded July 1st 2009