Santa Ana, CA - March 1, 2013

Photos by John Biscuti

Courtesy of Rickenbacker International Corporation, 2013, shown with permission.

Rickenbacker International Corp. has been producing guitars for over 80 years, 60 of which as a family-run business in Santa Ana, CA. They are the only major US guitar manufacturer who has never farmed work out of the country, and they have been been operating at capacity for several years. There is no "inventory" - as soon as an instrument is completed, it is out the door.

Though Rickenbacker instruments are most commonly associated with music of the 60's (The Beatles, The Byrds) and 70's (Rush, Yes, Tom Petty), the guitars are produced using cutting-edge and environmentally responsible technology, whether it be in the selection of materials, the wood shop, or the paint shop.

Thanks to Ben Hall @ RIC for showing myself and my pal/fellow geek Collin around, schooling us on what goes into manufacturing a Rickenbacker instrument, and allowing me to take photos!